Thank you for your interest in joining Team Bachrodt.

This is the first stage of our interview process that provides us with the opportunity to learn about your skills, talents and professional strengths.  We realize that, just as we are interviewing you… you are interviewing us.  So here is a little bit about us.

The Bachrodt family opened their first Chevrolet dealership in Rockford, Illinois in 1953, owned and operated by, Lou Bachrodt Jr., the patriarch of the family.  In 1980 it moved to its current location at the Cherryvale Mall.  To date, we still own and operate two dealerships in Rockford, Illinois offering Chevrolet, Jeep (Eagle,) Buick, BMW, Pontiac, GMC, Volkswagen and Isuzu.
•    In 1983, Lou Bachrodt III opened Lou Bachrodt Chevrolet in Pompano Beach, Florida.
•    In 1996, Lou Bachrodt Chevrolet was built in Coconut Creek, Florida.
•    In 2001, The Bachrodts purchased Palm Chevrolet/Kia in Ocala, Florida.
•    In 2003, The Bachrodts added Lou Bachrodt Mazda in Coconut Creek, Florida.
•    In 2006, The Bachrodts added Palm Chevrolet in Gainesville, Florida.
•    In 2010, The Bachrodts added Tri-County Trucks in Pompano Beach, Florida.
•    In 2013, The Bachrodts purchased a Freightliner Trucks dealership in Pompano Beach, Florida.
•    In 2015, The Bachrodts opened another Freightliner Trucks dealership in Miami, Florida.
•    In 2016, The Bachrodts opened Rhode Island Truck Center in East Providence, Rhode Island.
As you can see, Team Bachrodt has grown considerably, with over 750 associates and hopefully one more – YOU!
Please take your time and carefully complete our Employment Application.  If there is a match with our current openings, you will be contacted for an interview.   Should we be unable to match your skills and experience with current openings we will keep it on file for a future opportunity.

All applications for employment will be evaluated on the basis of their qualifications for the position desired without regard to race, color, religion, sex” national origin, age disability, or any other protected status. Please advise us if any accommodations are required to assist you in the application process.

** By pressing submit you certify that to the best of your knowledge all information in this application form, or in any resume, interview, or other documents provided (such as certificates, etc.) are correct and accurate.
I agree that any dispute between me and the Company related to my application for employment, or my employment, if selected, will be resolved through mutually binding arbitration in accordance with the Company’s Arbitration Policy and Procedures. I understand that I have the right to review the Arbitration Policy and Procedures prior to signing the Statement. I understand that if I am hired, my employment will be for no definite period, regardless of the period of payment of my wages. I further understand that I have the right to terminate my employment at will at anytime with or without notice or reason, and the Company has the same right. No one other than the President of the Company has the authority to modify this relationship, or make any agreement contrary. Any such modification or agreement must be in writing.
I understand that the Company reserves the right to require me to submit to a drug test at any time, and also reserves the right to require me to submit to an alcohol test and/or medical examination to the extent permitted by law. I further understand that the Company may contact my previous employers. I authorize those employers to disclose to the Company all records, and other information pertinent to my employment with them. I release my previous employers from any liability as a result of their disclosure of, and I agree to hold it harmless for providing such information.  I FURTHER UNDERSTAND IF EMPLOYEED I WILL BE ON A 90 DAY INTRODUCTORY PERIOD,  and that termination for unsatisfactory performance during that period will not result in any Company responsibility for unemployment benefits. l further understand that completion of the introductory period does not confer any expectation of continued employment, and if employed, my employment will be for no definite period and ‘at-will. I fully understand that Team Bachrodt is a drug—free workplace. As such, all applicants will be required to take a pre-employment drug test.  Workplace usage, possession, o or test results above cutoffs established for alcohol, or illegal drugs may result in denial, or termination, of employment and loss of Unemployment and Worker’s Compensation medical and indemnity benefits. I understand that should I be extended a contingent offer of hire I will receive a written notification that such screenings are to be performed. I will be required to take a per-employment drug screen. Furthermore, I will be asked to provide specific documents that will enable Team Bachrodt to perform an MVR and Criminal Background screening; failure to do so may result in my inability to obtain a formal offer of hire. The aforementioned written notification will further authorize the Company to obtain a consumer report, or reports on me. I authorize the Company to obtain such a report or reports for use in connection with my application for employment and for other employment related reasons. If hired, this authorization shall remain on file and serve as on-going authorization for procurement of employment related consumer reports at any time during my employment. I understand that the term “consumer report’ includes, but is not limited to credit checks, criminal background checks, Department of Motor Vehicle Reports, and Investigative Consumer Reports. I further understand that the term ‘investigative consumer report’ means a report in which information on my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living is obtained through personal interviews with my neighbors, friends, or associates, or with others whom I am acquainted, or who may have knowledge concerning such information.
Applicants for positions in Rhode Island please note that Team Bachrodt and ADP TotalSource, our Professional Employer Organization, are subject to Chapters 29-38 of Title 28 of the General Laws of Rhode Island and are therefore covered by the state’s worker’s compensation law. Please advise us if any accommodations are required to assist you in the application process.

In consideration for my employment by Team Bachrodt, I agree to conform to the rules and regulations of this company and acknowledge that these rules and regulations may be changed, interpreted, withdrawn, or at any time added to, at the Company’s sole option and without prior notice to me.
I further acknowledge that my employment may be terminated, and any offer of employment, if such is made, maybe withdrawn, with or without prior notice or cause at any time at the option of me or Team Bachrodt.
I understand that no representative of Team Bachrodt has any authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time, to assure or make any other personnel decision either prior to commencement of employment, or to make any agreements contrary to the aforementioned.
I acknowledge that I have been advised that this application will remain active for no more that 90 days from the date it was submitted. Team Bachrodt reserves the right to disregard any application that has not been completed.
I certify that to the best of my knowledge all information in this application form, or in any resume, interview, or other Documents provided (such as certificates, etc.) are correct and accurate.  I fully understand that falsification of this information is grounds for refusal to hire, or if hired, dismissal.
I authorize any persons or organizations referenced in the application to give Team Bachrodt any and all information concerning my previous employment, education or any other information they might have, personal or otherwise, with regard to any of the subjects covered by this application and release all such parties from any liability for any damage that may result from furnishing such information to Team Bachrodt.  Furthermore, I authorize Team Bachrodt to request and receive such information.  Prior to my beginning work or during the term of employment, my employer reserves the right to require any lawful form of drug, alcohol, psychological, character, honesty, integrity, aptitude tests or examinations.